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Tieranniesaur’s self titled, Choice Music Prize nominated debut album was written and recorded at home by husband and wife Annie and Padraig. The album has received gushing praise since its release in July 2011 and has topped critics’ and readers’ end of year poles alike. The blogerati have been untypically effusive of both the album (which was album of the week in the Irish Times) and the live show. Tieranniesaur is now a fearsome live band of seven and the extra hands have helped to secure a growing reputation for exciting live shows with an effervescent party atmosphere. Tieranniesaur played storming sets at the Electric Picnic ("Hot damn. The funkiest and most fun set at the Picnic.” - Nialler9, Best 15 Acts at EP) and in support of their heroes Tom-Tom Club. UK based indie mavens the NME have also enthused “currently crushing on the ace Tieranniesaur”.

Tieranniesaur is unlike anything else on the Dublin indie scene: a genre straddling troupe that’s part old school Disco, part Afro-Pop and part New-Wave, they come on with an irresistible mix of sincerity and Hip-Pop grandstanding, with a true beating heart and emotional resonance at their core. The band move between the mutated calypso rhythms of Azure Island and Sketch! and the icy, Italo influenced Here Be Monsters with poise. Rockblocker’s lyrics are pure Riot Grrrl vitriol and the music stalks out a common ground between the heavy soul of The Temptations’ Get Ready and Black Sabbath’s Proto-Metal grooves. Elsewhere are the expansive jams of I Think You’re Strange and the bittersweet Afro-Pop of Candy. Other highlights include the melancholic Euro Disco of In The Sargasso, which, like all of these songs, focuses on the idea of friendships old and new. These are songs that celebrate the good times while never losing sight of the ultimately ephemeral nature of all relationships.

The band are part of Dublin DIY music collective Popical Island who enjoyed a great 2011 with several excellent releases including Land Lovers, Squarehead & Patrick Kelleher, Yeh Deadlies and Big Monster Love. “Tieranniesaur’s stock-in-trade is superb, leftfield, disco-not-disco pop. The more you listen to what the now six-strong Tieranniesaur have produced, the more you’re seduced. The songs are idiosyncratic and infectious, but contain big, hefty, bubblegum pop hooks which could land some whoppers.” Jim Carroll, The Irish Times