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Paul Howard reading from 'Triggs'

Triggs: The Autobiography Of Roy Keane’s Dog

‘Humans … are the most wonderful company. But this much is also true – and isn’t it the story of my life? – they do need to be walked.’ Triggs

In Paul Howard’s first departure in fiction from the Ross O’Carroll-Kelly series, he has once again created an unforgettable character in the eponymous dog, famed for her loyal companionship to Roy Keane during the turmoil-filled post-Saipan days when Keane was most in need of a faithful friend.
'While I'm known throughout the world as Roy Keane's best friend, I think he himself has always considered me his genius.' Triggs

About the book

‘This is no ordinary football autobiography. And it's not some saccharine-sweet love story about a man and his beloved pooch. I was no Marley. And God knows, Roy was no John Grogan’ Triggs

Meet Triggs - TV lover, hypochondriac, noted wit, football genius and best friend to the most talked-about footballer of his generation. Whether leading Manchester United to the Treble or telling Mick McCarthy to shove the World Cup up his bollocks, Roy Keane was seldom out of the news during his days as a player. For more than ten years, through good times and bad, he could always rely on his friendship with his ever-faithful Labrador Retriever. A mere pup when Triggs discovered, while watching television one day in 1997, that she could read a football match 'like a virtuoso can read a five-line staff'. But the brilliant (and illness-obsessed) dog always preferred to avoid the headlines and leave the adulation to her master. Until now. Here, for the first time, Roy Keane's dog tells the extraordinary, true story of their friendship and reveals her part in the glories and controversies that marked her master's playing career. Eight major trophies. A missed Champions League final. Player of the Year awards. Alfe-Inge Haaland. Drunken nights. Contract negotiations. Patrick Vieira. Prawn sandwiches. The explosive end to his relationship with Ireland and Manchester United. And Bob Dylan. Triggs was a witness to it all - and a far from silent one. Funny, frank and never less than one hundred and ten per cent mean-spirited, Triggs describes what it was like to be a central player in the extraordinary drama of her master's life and uncovers the shocking truth about just who was really walking whom.

Says Triggs: "I want this to book to be an honest rendering of the role I played in the life of Roy Keane. The publisher might well adorn the jacket with dramatic adjectives, such as, ‘Sensational!’, ‘Shocking!’, and, ‘Explosive!’ I don’t doubt that the story, in parts, is all of those things. What I’m more interested in, though, is writing an account that is truthful, uncomfortable as it will be to read at times. This isn’t some saccharine-sweet story of a love affair between a man and his beloved Labrador retriever. I’m no Marley. And, God knows, Roy is no John Grogan."
Paul Howard is a former Irish Sports Journalist of the Year, a two-time Irish Book Award winner and the creator of the cult character, Ross O’Carroll-Kelly. In the autumn of 2010, after a newspaper incorrectly reported the dog’s death, he contacted Triggs through a third party and persuaded her to tell the story of the life she spent with football’s most compelling and misunderstood figure.

Triggs is an adult female Labrador retriever who has been described as “Roy Keane’s best friend and side-kick” and “the most famous dog in football”. A well-known figure in the Hale and Altringham areas, Triggs came to international attention in the summer of 2002, when she accompanied Roy Keane on his famous walks around Greater Manchester after he was sent home from the World Cup by Ireland manager Mick McCarthy. Despite offers of books deals involving seven-figure advances, Triggs has always kept her silence about her life with Manchester United’s greatest ever captain . . . until now.