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Written, composed and performed by Ray Scannell

Directed by Tom Creed

MIMIC tells the story of a boy called Julian Nearey who grows up in 1980s Ireland, in a very traditional Irish household dominated by religion. He discovers his talent for being a mimic and entertains everybody with his impressions of Morrissey and Columbo before it takes a more sinister turn, involving celebrity culture and plastic surgery, taking Julian away from home before eventually bringing him back again.

Performed and underscored on a piano, this one-man tour-de-force is a unique andentertaining vision of what happens to a nation that forgets its heritage.

'Scannell shows the seeds of being a Great Irish Writer' Sunday Independent'

A fascinating attempt to achieve the impossible' Irish Times

'Mimic is a compelling constellation' Irish Theatre Magazine

Mimic will also be apart of the West Cork Fit-up Theatre Festival Tue Aug 7th -Sun Aug 12th