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John Daly

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, John Daly first surfaced in 2005 on his then newly founded label, Feel Music. Since then he has recorded for numerous labels, including Plak Records, Drumpoet Community, IRR, Mule Musiq, and Francois K's Wave Music, on which he released the acclaimed album Sea & Sky in 2009. In addition to his own material, he has remixed for Labels such as Rekids, Running Back, Compost, and Poker Flat amongst many others.

Born into a musical family, he has been composing music since his early teens, starting out in bands, but moving quickly on to the studio environment, and working with machines, a love of which he retains to this day, still preferring to work with real instruments as opposed to virtual ones.

A product of Cork's vibrant club scene of the 90s, and drawing from a broad range of influences, his music seeks to break down the barriers between House Music, Disco, Dub and Techno. These past 5 years have seen him take this sound to dancefloors across the globe, from NYC (Cielo, Sunday Best) to Berlin (Berghain, Watergate, Tape), London to Tokyo (Air), Sydney to Moscow (Propaganda) and in between.

In addition to launching a second label, One Track Records, focusing more on peak time sounds and alternate versions/DJ tools, 2010 saw him debut as a much anticipated live act. He now spends a large portion of his studio time making music exclusively for these live sets, with it's focus firmly on the dancefloor. Often tailor made for specific events/venues, much of this new material will never be released, in an attempt to create a real world experience in an increasingly digital, online age.