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Interference are a group centred around singer-songwriter, poet and painter, Fergus O’Farrell. Citizen of the world, currently resident in God’s own country, West Cork.

The central core worked as a live band to great acclaim in the 90s. This led to an album where many great and famous extra members contributed. (see The Cast below) Fergus attracts collaboration. He lived for a time in The Winstanley Shoe Factory, hosting jam sessions with many of the Dublin bands of the time including ‘The Hot House Flowers’, and ‘The Black Velvet Band”. Relationships established then continue: Fergus currently co-writes and sometimes shares his stage with Black, Dave Bickley, Maurice Roycroft aka The Man Seezer, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Glen Hansard, Liam O Maonlaoi and Gavin Friday. Many Interference songs are written with lyricist Malcolm MacClancy.

Gavin Harte worked with Ferg for years to realise the first album. Gavin has his own musical identity as in-your-face rapper Ropey Karaoke. Currently Interference can be seen performing the O’Farrell composition ‘Gold’ in the critically acclaimed and box-office hit film ‘Once’, starring Glen Hansard. O’Farrell and MacClancy have also had songs included in the soundtracks for Alan Gilsenan’s ‘All Soul’s Day’ and Damien O’Donnell’s ‘Inside I’m Dancing.” In a recent resurgence of popular interest in the band – which has maintained over the years one of the most loyal cult followings in the business – Philip King started playing Interference on his “South Wind Blows” RTE radio show every week. The public reacted, which encouraged Philip to give Interference a half hour TV show in a series highlighting music which operates outside the “bizness”. This series “Other Voices” was launched with live performances on a special ‘Mystery Train’. RTE memorably billed the band as “Almost mythical, definitely legendary.”

Such was the reaction to the ‘Other Voices’ show that a CD of the Interference television performance is now available. A majorly inspiring development of the last two years has been Interference’s conquering of the hearts of audiences in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with Fergus flanked by Bertrand the cellist and Marja the fiddlist and Paul Tiernan the troubador. Irish night at Namest is a special occasion, noble souls putting it out for lovers who listen in the medieval courtyard of Namest Castle. In 2006 the others on stage included BellX1 and Glen Hansard. Irish night is available on a CD but only you know where to find it! In 2007 Interference headlined an Irish music festival in Bologna over St.Patrick’s weekend and Fergus recently played eleven dates in nine nights across the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in a musical conglomerate known as Dog’s Tail Soup, also featuring Black, Paul Tiernan and Maurice Roycroft.