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Chill Pill

Chill Pill is at the cutting edge of underground poetry created by Mr. Gee, Raymond Antrobus, Deanna Rodger, Simon Mole and Kim-Leng Hills.

Raymond Antrobus

Raymond Abtrobus is a spoken word poet, photography enthusiast, performer, writer and educator, born and bred in Hackney, London. He is currently working as the co-curator of popular London based spoken word showcase -Chill Pill which is associated with Soho Theatre, The Albany & The Arcola Theatre. Raymond is also working as the co-creative director of Keats House Forum, which works with emerging and developing voices in the London poetry scene. Raymond’s performances play on ranges of emotions, tones and rhythms. His writing is often perceived to be provocative, delicate and thoughtful. He has performed along side authors and poets such as Margret Atwood, Michael Horovitz, Lemm Sissay, Benjamin Zephaniah, Polarbear & Inua Ellams. Raymond appeared on series 5 of BBC Radio 4’s Bespoken Word. His work has been featured in The Guardian, The Big Issue and Time Out London. Raymond has been performing spoken word poetry since 2007. He is the International Farrago slam champion 2008, Anti-Slam Champ 2010 and won Best Performance by a London poet at the Farrago annual poetry awards 2010. He's performed at Literature Festivals at London’s Southbank Centre and Universities nationwide. Raymond has also toured internationally from Berlin, Venice, New York, Chicago, Cape Town & Durban in South Africa. Raymond is also one half of Speed Camera Shy, a music project that combines Spoken Word/Rap with Dub Step and is signed with American underground label Audio Gradient.

Read stories, interviews, poems and social commentary on his website Shapes & Disfigurements Of Raymond Antrobus at

Deanna Rodger

Deanna Rodger is a member of London poetry collective 'Chill Pill' and ‘an exuberant performer whose work is very rooted in her past’. As the youngest ever UK Poetry Slam Champion, Deanna has toured Germany, performed her poetry at both Buckingham Palace and number 10 Downing Street and had her work published on the Huffington Post website. Deanna cites her influences as ‘being alive, living in a world filled with other people and by having a brain that works’.

Simon Mole

Simon Mole is an emcee and spoken word artist whose writing and performance foregrounds the unseen and the unheard, the forgotten and the yet to occur. He makes passionate and honest music exploring concepts and ideas from outside the standard spectrum of hip hop content, and his poems are shared with listeners in a way that pushes them to make their own meanings and connections. Simon built his skills at the open-mics and battles of the Brighton hip hop scene, before moving to London in 2003. As one half of ‘Mole & Iris’ he has put out two well received mini-albums, the second of which, Clouds, was released in 2008. Since his early teens Simon has also been writing and devising theatre-based art, and in 2008 he was commissioned by Brakin Arts Festival to create a piece challenging the boundaries between hip hop, theatre and spoken word. To Slough and Back was described as humorous, accessible and imaginative, and was also shown at the Secret Garden Party festival. 

Adam Kammerling

Adam Kammerling is the current national UK Hammer & Tongue Slam Champion. 

Adam was born in 1984, nothing that happened after that will be of interest until around 1999, when driven by teen angst, he scrawled his first poetic dribblings. Then in 2005 he moved to Brighton, studied for an English Language degree and got himself mixed up in the hip hop scene. In 2007 he attended his first spoken word show and he liked it very much. Since then he has been writing and performing poetry anywhere that will have him. He has performed in spaces as far flung as Cambodia and New York, Hastings and Exeter. He has helped facilitate workshops for children and young adults, promoting spoken word and rap as a positive form of creative self-expression.